We have an in-house BBQ Smoker! - Ribs, Sausage and Pulled Pork available every day!

Stony's Pizza and BBQ
Stony's Pizza and BBQ
  • About Us

    Stony's Pizza and BBQ

    Owners Steve and Tony Wright

     Steve and Tony Wright were born and raised in the Detroit area.  The brothers grew up playing hockey, skipping stones, and doing the things that little boys do.  As the years went by, they were taken under their step-father’s wing and brought into the building trades where both eventually became journeyman bricklayers. They made their living making buildings; brick by brick.  They have worked on most schools in the surrounding area and every school in the Chippewa Valley School system, building Dakota High School from the ground up. 

    From Bricklaying to Pizza & BBQ

     Even though they had a strong trade; each had a desire to do something different. Steve is zealous about grilling and for the past 20 years has perfected his culinary skills by hosting tailgates and running a small catering business. This is where he affectionately became known as Steve the Meatman. Tony has always dabbled in the kitchen, creating sauces and salads in his own unique style. Each has a love of cooking instilled from their Italian mother.  

    Special Events and Catering

     Our restaurant is available for private events: weddings, business lunches, dinners, cocktail receptions, and more. We would love to discuss how to be a part of your next event.  

    Now operating in Clinton Township and putting together their combined talents to bring you Stony’s Pizza and BBQ, located on 17 Mile @ Hayes.  

    Call us at 586.226.1600 to make your next event taste great!